Environmental Consultancy Services

Rapid growth of industrialization has led to various hazards which are bound to disturb the flora and fauna of the nature. Looking at the grim future to save guard the environment SMS Envocare has started various Environmental Consultancy Services that will help the Entrepreneurs in making this globe clean, Green & Ecofriendly. We offer all statutory clearances starting from Environmental Clearance to capability enhancement and audits.

Environmental Monitoring Services

Following Monitoring and Analysis Services we offer through our MOEF & NABL approved and accredited (ISO: 17025) Laboratory. Our Laboratory has experience and trained staff handling sophisticated instruments for analysis of Air, Water, Waste and all Environmental testing. In addition to this we have our well experience monitoring team. They operate according to their monthly schedule.

Our Offices

  • SMS Envocare Ltd., Indore
  • SMS Envocare Ltd., Nagpur
  • SMS Envocare Ltd., Bangalore
  • SMS Envocare Ltd., Ghaziabad
  • SMS Envocare Ltd., Jaipur

Our Monitoring & Analysis Services

  • Soil Fertility & Suitability Studies
  • Solid & Liquid Fuel Analysis – coal, biomass, thermic fluid etc.
  • Microbiological Analysis of various samples
  • Treatability studies for industrial effluent.
  • Ambient Air Quality
  • Stack Monitoring
  • Drinking Water
  • Workplace Air Monitoring for Specific Organic / Inorganic Pollutants
  • Ground water & Suraface water Analysis
  • Hazardous Waste sampling and analysis as per MPCB/CPCB guidelines
  • Waste Suitability Studies
  • Soil Quality Analysis
  • Waste/Effluent Water
  • Source Emission
  • Noise
  • Soil

Operation and Maintenance of ETP & STP

We are offering our Service for Operation & Maintenance of ETP & STP and meet prescribed outlet norms for treated effluent. We are also offering Ultra & Nano-filtration followed by Reverse osmosis to recycle treated effluent as per requirement of the customers. Our O & M service helps our customers to improve their compliances related to ETP and STP operations.

Installation & Commissioning of Water and Wastewater Plants (ETP and STP)

We do Turnkey Project for Installation and commissioning of ETP and STP. We are offering these services from small to large scale entrepreneurs and industries according to their requirement.

We are operating State-of-art STP of 130MLD capacity in Bhandewadi Nagpur. MAHA-GENCO (Electricity generating Company at Koradi near Nagpur is using treated sewage water for generating electricity. Nag river sewage water is treated and reused to stop adverse effect on environment and improve health of Nag River.

Fresh Water Plant Erection and O & M

Industries manufacture different products and they required specific water quality for process water and run their utility. We are offering our services for installation, commissioning and O &M for fresh water plants. We are providing installation and commissioning and O &M for following technologies. We are also providing our technical expertise to our customer to select the technically suitable and economically viable technology.

  • Reverse osmosis
  • Ultra and Nano-Filtration
  • DM plants
  • Soft water plants

Selection & Installation of Air Pollution Control Devices

SMS Envocare is providing services to the entrepreneurs for installation of air pollution control devices. We help customers to select latest and economically viable technology for various process vents, Stacks & storage tanks.

Reports and Audits

SMS Envocare has expanded its services to Environmental and safety audits/ Assessments and generating the reports. We are offering Environmental impact assessment service for setting up the manufacturing plants, constructions of roads; dams etc. and for capacity enhancement as we believe sustainable approach are keys to save our mother earth.